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Today we are going to visit the oldest city of the US – Saint Augustine. What do you know about that city? Honestly, I knew nothing about it before this trip! At the end, it turned out that St Augustine is one of the most interesting cities that I have ever visited. In this video, I plan to share with you the best things that you can do in this beautiful place.

First thing that I recommend you do in St Augustine – just walk through its Historic District. This city has a compact center and you can see a lot of famous places by foot.Additionally, there are bus tours. Usually if you buy a ticket for such tour, you get an ability to visit different museums for a smaller price.

I liked the Christmas spirit in St Augustine! City looks so beautiful and the people around you look so happy!

The second place that I highly recommend to visit is the Alligator Farm. This Farm is almost 130 years old. There you can see a lot of alligators, crocodiles and different kinds of reptiles. I was shocked when I heard how alligators speak.

You can see alligators so close that you will never forget their sights!

If you want to get more thrills, you can go to the zip line! But honestly I had got a lot of thrills even without it 🙂 So, No, thank you.

Tickets for this attraction are not cheap. $35 for Adults and $20 for children.

The third place is the most exciting one! This is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States.

 I know, you’ve heard a lot of conditions in the last sentence: however, it is not a reason to miss this important place for St Augustine.

Welcome to Castillo de San Marcos. This place was attacked several times and twice besieged. Under United States control this fort was used as a military prison. Since 1933 National Park Service has been an owner of Castillo, and it has been a popular touristic destination since then.

You can walk around the Fort, inside and outside of it.

Ticket price is $15 for 16 and older, also you need to pay for parking $2.5 per hour.

The Fourth place that I liked is St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum. You can go up to the lighthouse and see a beautiful view of the city. Additionally, this complex has different buildings where you can see interesting installations. My favorite one was about ship construction. There you can see how to build a canoe.

Ticket price is $15, $13 or free, depending on age.

Finally, the fifth place that I recommend is the Lighter Museum. It’s a beautiful building outside with diverse collections inside. It looks like a chest with treasure, where each item was delivered from a different part of the World.What is the ticket price? It is $17, $10 or free, depending on age.

St Augustine has a lot of museums and ancient places. For instance, the oldest house or oldest wooden school in the US. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for them.

St Augustine is a great city for visiting. I am so happy that we didn’t miss the opportunity to see a lot of the amazing places here.

If you have ever visited it, please share your experience in the comments.My last recommendation for today is about the time for visiting. Please, plan for at least two full days.

I hope this information was helpful for you! 

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