So, you’ve decided to visit Cape Town, South Africa? Let’s take a look at the list of places that are a must for visiting. Note, this list assumes that you have at least 3 full days and you are open to personal or group tours.

Victoria Waterfront

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This is a default place for tourists to stay. Here you can find various cafes and restaurants, promenade, gift shops and tour agencies.

Table Mountain

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Right after you are done with checking into your hotel, take an Uber/Taxi and go directly to Table Mountain cableway. From the top of the mountain, you will be able to observe an absolutely astonishing / scenic panorama for the city.

As a bonus, you can spend 1-2 hours hiking trails on the top of the mountain enjoying spectacular views and local fauna 🙂

Cape Peninsula Tour

On the next day, book a full-day tour around Cape Peninsula. It’s better to do that in advance via Expedia or any other aggregator that you like.

Chapman’s Peak

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The first stop on this tour is a small fisherman village. Here, you can buy a photo with a fat seal, if you really want one. But the most exciting part about this stop is an ability to enjoy the beauty of Chapman’s Peak. Looks like a rhino’s horn, right?

Cape of Good Hope

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After a couple of hours, you will arrive to Cape of Good Hope itself. Note, this place has a very interesting history, so it is worth to read about it on wikipedia prior your visit 🙂

Here, you can spend a couple of hours or even more hiking to the light house, walking on a beach or climbing on the cape itself.


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Yes, you don’t have to travel to Antarctica to see penguins. These guys can be found in South America, Australia and South Africa as well! In this case, we are looking at Gentoo penguins chilling at Boulders Beach near Simons Town.

Kirstenbosch Garden

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The last stop on this tour is Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. Even if you are not a specialist in botanics, you can simply enjoy walking through various gardens in the shadow of Table Mountain.


Another thing that you absolutely must book in advance is Safari. Note, in modern world word “Safari” does not mean a hunt. It just a trip to the jungle to see animals in their own environment. This trip can be as short as 1 day, but usually assumes 3 or more days. As far as I understand, 1 day trips mean visiting small “Safari Parks” which are a sort of advanced zoos… but still – you’ll be able to see the Big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo).

Unfortunately, I was visiting Cape Town in 2021 and all the Safari parks were still closed :'( Anyway, that is a good motivation to come back here once again!

Although, as a consolation prize, I was rewarded with a couple of new friends of mine:

Town Center

Now, let’s get back to Cape Town. This city has it own vibe, so walking outside of Waterfront is definitely worth it.

Castle of Good Hope

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That is a perfect chance to dive into the history of the city and read about its past while climbing through 350 years old military fortification in the center of the city.

Cape Town City Hall

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Right across the street you can find the central plaza. Not sure if that market is there on a constant basis, but the place itself (and all the surrounding blocks) does not look super safe, to be honest.

Rose Street

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If you still have time by the end of your trip, just walk down Rose Street and enjoy all the colorful builds around!


You’ve probably already read about all the safety concerns for those who visiting Cape Town on the internet. Personally, it does feel like the city has its issues with crime rates. In the same time, as long as you don’t walk outside Waterfront during dark hours, avoid non-touristic neighborhoods and book your toors only with verified agencies – I don’t see a reason to worry about your safety more than you usually should.

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